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This past summer, I took part in Winnipeg’s annual Anime convention Ai-Kon. I manage to snag a table by winning 2nd place in their mascot contest. While things didn’t quite work out as expected, I did manage to put together some pretty great pieces. And they are all ORIGINAL DESIGNS. Though many of them play off existing manga/anime tropes and character design.

You can get prints here, or download some wallpapers for your smartphone here.

Art Drop Day 2017

This year, I found myself once again out in the wilderness on Art Drop Day. And once again, I made use of our families’ geocache to drop something off that a would-be traveller would one day find.

This year I had a bunch of extra art prints available so I thought what better way to get rid of a few of them?

So off to our geocache we went! I also wanted to drop off a few more treasures as last year a certain someone got carried away with wanting to bring home “Pirate Treasure”. The cache was getting a bit empty!

The cache was getting a bit empty. We originally put in polished stones. These are some new ones!

Here I am with my son Aiden, who is playing with a sticker found in the cache and has his hoody on backwards *SIGH*

A pretty accurate map of where to find our geocache. Courtesy of my 4 year old son. I think his mother helped with some of the words.

Want to know more about Art Drop Day? Look no further than here.

Image of the Month 2011 to 2015

While going thru some old images on my computer’s hard-drive, I found a bunch of images I did for a drawing challenge I did for myself. I tried to do one good personal image a month for as long as I could. I managed it more or less for four years. These should be most of them. They have all been posted on the blog at one time or another. All were done using various programs (a few of them were traditional media work as well).

Click on the image for a larger version. Enjoy!


My Business Card Design

This summer, I found myself in desperate need of new business cards.

I wanted something a little different, and to showcase my illustration skills. I went with as they offered some different sizes and printing options that I thought would fit the bill.

I went with a square size to better show of a sample illustration on one side, and would accommodate my growing list of social media platforms. With’s “Printfinity” option I could do a different illustration for the back of each card. Was a cool branding exercise. Even though it did generate a LOT of files! There are 43 different backs. Each one needed to be specially cropped and sized to fit the square frame.

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