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Mystery Girl

This sketch was inspired by a fun incident at my son’s school (remember schools?). Anyways, when my son was in kindergarten, they had some of the older kids act as mentors and read to them. Sone day when I dropped my son off to school, this much older girl came out of nowhere and gave my son a great big hug! Somebody was quite embarrassed. Not sure if it was the hug, or that his old man saw the hug, that caused him to turn bright pink. Somehow I thought this was going to happen when he got older.

Oh well. This was a quick pencil sketch done with a very blunt 6B pencil. Scanned into Photoshop with some quick digital colour and some touch-ups. Enjoy.


Big bad Brenda made it easy for people to social distance from her, long before it became necessary to do so.

This was fun little sketch I did a while back. Was originally a quick pen and ink sketch, but I gave into my self-doubt about traditional techniques and re-did the whole thing digitally. First in Illustrator, then in Photoshop. A nice, fun, loud palette of colours along with a hint of texture. And maybe just a hint of the frustration we all share right now.

And please, people like this who are angry and mean all the time, often are just afraid and maybe lack the tools to process it better, or just need some guidance on how better deal with their own emotions. And they can also pack a wallop, so please, approach with some caution. Enjoy!

And The Word Came Together as the People Stayed Apart

Hello. Greetings out there. It has been a while since my last posting, and boy, have things changed. Thankfully, I still have a job that is keeping me busy (at home) but I felt I should try and do something topical on my own. Was worth it just to get through some existential angst. I found this quote on someone’s window when going for a community walk with the kiddos. It’s been used quite a bit it seems, so I felt it would be safe for me to take a crack at this and not be stepping on someone’s toes.

The overall design is a bit outside my wheelhouse. I enjoy a good hand drawn typographic scramble like anyone, but I rarely get to do one in my day to day design job. Like a lot of things it is both quite fun and easy with a good dose of daunting added in. Was nice to throw away the rule book and just put something down on paper and see how it goes. And it goes.

I would like to do something more with this, but I’m not so sure I will. Be nice to put this on a shirt or screen print some posters, giving the proceeds to a local charity or business struggling through the strange times ahead, but I have neither the following or the time it seems to pull that off. At least I got to turn off the news for a few hours.


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