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World Art Drop Day 2017 (And a bit about last year’s)

World Art Drop Day is fast approaching. Last year, I had 2 little ones running around and was limited to what I could do for it. It also totally slipped my mind that I never even had a chance to blog about it! No time like the present to fix that!

Last year, I was out of town. But I wanted to participate in World Art Drop Day, so I put together several sketch cards to drop in our geocache.

Two sketch cards done with whatever cabin craft materials I could find.

Into the geocache you go!

They were quick and easy to do (and as far as I know are still there) and it looks like I will be in much the same position this year. The good news is, I have quite a bit of stuff lying around from my foray into Anime Conventions to drop into a geocache or two. So follow me on Instagram and Twitter to find some clues as to where to find them should you happen to be in the Whiteshell on September 5th.

Sorry about the lousy photo. Some things I’ll be hiding on September 5th, 2017.


For more information about Art Drop Day, click here! It’s a lot of fun with a lot of participation from artists of all walks of life! Enjoy!


Doodles, doodles, and more doodles. A whole collection of doodles and sketches I have done over the past year. Some of these were just random doodles with no real purpose, others were exercises or warm ups for other drawings, and others I might have some future plans for. Very nearly all were pencil sketches first and were inked later with a brush pen. Mostly a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and a few other various disposables from Kurateke and Tombow. Enjoy!

Ai-Kon 2017

A few weekends ago, I finally got to both attend and table at my first convention! And while I had fun going (some of the cosplay was fantastic!), it was a sobering look at the return on investment that is selling stuff at a fan convention. Despite that, I did manage to sell a few things and scored a few commissions. I must admit, getting the commissions was a better feeling than selling the prints. And I did better financially from those as well!

I will have to do some thinking about when or if I shall do something like that again. The amount of work that went into it was tremendous and the time away from my family has a big cost as well.

Thankfully, the person I was sharing a corner with was an old pro and had some interesting tips and some insights about the particular convention I was at. So there is that. And I got to eat a sushi burrito from this place. Yummmmmmy!!!!!

See some pics of my meager booth below and some other pics of the convention courtesy of Ai-kon staff and volunteers.

A pic of my meager booth. While I went deliberately for a less cluttered booth, for both looks and budget constraints, it looks like a more “cluttered” approach may have been more worthwhile…

A view from above.

And here are a bunch of doodles I did when waiting in between sales:

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