Been training with a bunch of moms (and a few guys, some of whom are dads, but this isn’t their day, ours is coming up) so I’ve been toying around with this idea for a while. And pretty much ran out of time today. So here goes.

I don’t normally draw this way. I don’t really get a lot of projects that come my way where I get to draw in trendy editorial-style styles. But it was quick to do. As I understand it, that’s why it’s trendy. Hopefully I got the pose mostly right. This style tends to be rather simplistic, so getting the intricacies of Mae-geri might get a little lost. And while there’s a slim. but not zero chance one of my sensei might come across this post, I’m not really all that interested in all the push-ups my messing this drawing up might cost me. Fingers crossed!

So here’s to all the karatekas, yogis and BJJ professors that put up with klutzy, southpaw me! And to any other women out there who can kick some ass! Enjoy!