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Robot Girl

During the summer of 2018, there was a hashtag on Instagram called #drawthisinyourownstyle and I wanted to participate. This was NOT my original design, just my interpretation of someone else’s work. In fact, this isn’t even the image I originally posted. I felt the symmetry need some work. This is the final result. About 90% of the work was done on my iPad. Just a basic pencil rough by hand and a bit of Photoshop cleanup afterwards makes up the other 10%. You can see what I had originally posted to Instagram here.


T-Shirt Designs

These are from a series of T-Shirt graphics I developed for various lakes and other places of interest in the Whiteshell Provincial Park located in the province of Manitoba, Canada. A fun (if very long) project where I got to try out a bunch of things I rarely get to do in my day job. Was also fun to be my own boss for a while.



An experimental type design. I wanted to see if I could come up with something a little different with the letter “Q” while still keeping it very formal. Out of serval iterations not shown, this one was my favourite. Now if I could just get the CBC to look at it…



An experiment on two fronts. First, I wanted a distinctly female face without it being overtly feminine. Helps with making the elf feel otherworldly. And it was also an experiment with a very quick and dirty way to get some digital colour in without spending a ton of time.

Inks were traditional and colour was all Photoshop magic.


Hero Girl

Inspired on day while watching my 2 year old daughter trying to beat people up while wearing a mask and cape! Pink and purple are her 2 favourite colours right now.

Traditional inks with digital colour.


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