Time to dust off the this old blog and get back to some basics!

This past little while I’ve been busy with work, and chasing after two little ones. While I have still been pretty busy generating new content and expanding as an artist, I’ve had very little time to write up any articles and postings. I think it is high time to change that.

Over this past winter, I found out the local Anime convention Ai-Kon was holding what looks like an annual contest for the mascot. I had an idea for the contest and thought I would give it a try. Turned out the contest was ending soon, so I had very little time to actually put something together. A couple of very late nights and viola!

And it worked out better than the last time I tried my hand at this! I was the first runner up, thereby giving me a free half table for the convention this July.

That gives me a few months to put some things together. While I have always admired the work coming out of Japan, I am hardly an Anime and Manga enthusiast. I grew up watching Astroboy as a kid, and I remember really liking Battle of the Planets when I was really little. But I’ve only ever seen a handful of Robotech episodes (though I have read all of the novelizations) and I’ve only watched the North American version of Nausicaa of the Winds, so I have quite a lot of catching up to do.

My goal for the con is to get a least 10 original drawings as prints of various sizes (sorry, no fanart –I’m trying to steer clear from other people’s IP if I can) and try and see if I can pick up some commissions.

I will also be posting some teasers and previews on my Twitter and Instagram feeds so stay tuned!