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Merry Christmas!

Xmas Greetings 2015

Camera setup by my pro photog wife, actual picture taken by me. Lots of photoshopping later, and viola! Enjoy!


Image of the Month – December 2015


Trying to get something in before the big move. On to bigger, and hopefully better digs! So to start the month off I tried a little something different.

This was a quick warm up sketch done my hand using a Zebra Brush Pen. I was watching a documentary on Billy the Kid and thought I would play around with the story a bit.

I also wanted to use a different colour palette. So while I am sometimes of two minds when it comes to the artwork of Noelle Stevenson, I do admire her use of colour (it tends to be quite different than mine – less saturated than what I tend to choose) so I stole… er, borrowed some colours from a similar composition she did. Check out her work over here.

I then added some extra effects to achieve a slightly old-time effect. Turned out rather nice. Enjoy!

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