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Bug Eyed Monster

Sure, working for the humans was hard. The work shirt didn’t fit right, they ALWAYS looked in horror at you, and the pollen was murder on the allergies. But the pay was better than most agriculture worlds in this part of the galaxy, and the ramble berries they grew on Trappist IV were the very best. And it was all you could eat as long as you put in your eight hour day. It was all an Insectoid could ask.

Now if only Karl could only find a friend amongst some of the other gardeners.

Yet another painterly Sci-Fi picture from yours truly. It started out a a pencil sketch, but over time, it changed quite a bit. Was pretty hard to get the face looking just right. I think it evokes the proper combination of cuteness and pure disgust. A lot of reference was used for this, and a big thank you to just about all the character designers out there who have ever put together their own insect inspired alien. I think I pretty much looked to all of them for help and inspiration!

All colour done in Photoshop CC with mostly default brushes.


Into the Void

Pulling out go Hyperspace was always the worst. One small miscalculation, and you materialize right in front of an asteroid and it’s all over.


I hate technical drawing. I even took three years of drafting in high school to get better at it. I’m okay, but still never liked it. Took much relying on rulers, triangles and don’t get me going on drawing tangents on arcs! So this was an exercise in driving me crazy. Though it is a bit of a cheat. This started out as a very basic 3D render of the ship only. With lots of painting over. And the background is all me noodling around in Photoshop. Enjoy!

Sketch Faces 2019

A series of faces I sketched out and then inked in my sketchbook, scanned into the computer, and then had some shades of grey put in. I started off with a solid grey tone, and then added the light and dark values where needed.

Quick tip when trying to draw something like this out:

Draw a whole bunch of circles, ovals or squares out quickly. Make them all different sizes and get a nice pattern or composition. These will be all the faces. THEN start drawing all the different faces however you want. Makes it MUCH more likely you will have a nice composition of faces than if you just drawing faces randomly.


Waiting at the Station

Arjana always liked to make a bold impression.

Gold was always a stand out colour. It just has a quality all it’s own. And would contrast nicely with the muted teal and blue tones of the spaceport. She would be easy to spot in the bustling hub of Epsilon Eridani Intergalactic. Every day, untold thousands crossed its courtyard all the way from Bernard’s Star, the mining colonies of Alph Proxima, and even distant Earth!

Earth, where her new charge, Randall, was from. He was new to the outer colonies, so he was assigned a guide to help him adjust to his new life abroad. Arjana was assigned to him last minute, so they had never gotten the chance to meetup over the ‘Net before his ship left Earth, putting him out of communication while his ship traveled the jump gates across the stars.

She checked the flight status on the readout on her artificial retinas. The indicator was flashing green so everything was on time. Good. Should be a nice, routine case.

If only she knew.

This was a fun one to paint. Started out as a pencil sketch in my sketchbook, and was quickly transferred to my computer where digital colour was laid down fairly quickly. I deliberately tried to keep things pretty loose. A stylistic choice I’m trying to maintain as much as possible throughout my work. Hope I did the African features justice. Was loosely inspired while watching Black Panther, though I don’t really think I quite matched the beautiful costume designs of that movie! Enjoy!

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