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Drawcember 2019 – Week 1 Update


So it begins. Started off pretty good, but with some Christmas shopping and stuff with the family, I managed to dip into the handful of cheat days almost right away. eagle -eyed followers will notice that a few of the images may be slightly different than what I posted to other social media. I reserve the right to make quick alterations to drawings as I see fit after the fact as this is hopefully going to be a portfolio piece when I am totally finished. Enjoy

Drawcember 2019 – The First Day


So here we go, Drawcember 2019. Everyday, on my Instagram site (and mirrored on my Twitter page) I will be posting quick snaps marked as #Drawcember2019 with a very brief description as to what’s going on. Similar to this picture here:

And what a better way to start off my Drawcember art challenge with this little one’s early start to the day.

At the end of each week, I will post a recap here where I will be posting better scans of each image. As mentioned before, these are drawings only (hence Drawcember) so basically only dry media – no paints or washes. And these will be black and white only. Be easier for me to quickly put something together in the evenings after the kiddos are in bed.

And no real prompts. At least for me. This is an excuse to beef up the Kid Lit portion of my portfolio by drawing out an entire picture book this month. And to also see just how viable doing a drawing challenge is in what is a pretty busy time of the year for most, me included.

And as I pointed out before, I did thumbnails of just about everything I’m drawing the previous month. Here’s an example:


I would show something larger, but they are hardly with the effort. They are only there to work out some visual problems before I spend time drawing something out.

So finger crossed, and enjoy!


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