Sure, working for the humans was hard. The work shirt didn’t fit right, they ALWAYS looked in horror at you, and the pollen was murder on the allergies. But the pay was better than most agriculture worlds in this part of the galaxy, and the ramble berries they grew on Trappist IV were the very best. And it was all you could eat as long as you put in your eight hour day. It was all an Insectoid could ask.

Now if only Karl could only find a friend amongst some of the other gardeners.

Yet another painterly Sci-Fi picture from yours truly. It started out a a pencil sketch, but over time, it changed quite a bit. Was pretty hard to get the face looking just right. I think it evokes the proper combination of cuteness and pure disgust. A lot of reference was used for this, and a big thank you to just about all the character designers out there who have ever put together their own insect inspired alien. I think I pretty much looked to all of them for help and inspiration!

All colour done in Photoshop CC with mostly default brushes.