Arjana always liked to make a bold impression.

Gold was always a stand out colour. It just has a quality all it’s own. And would contrast nicely with the muted teal and blue tones of the spaceport. She would be easy to spot in the bustling hub of Epsilon Eridani Intergalactic. Every day, untold thousands crossed its courtyard all the way from Bernard’s Star, the mining colonies of Alph Proxima, and even distant Earth!

Earth, where her new charge, Randall, was from. He was new to the outer colonies, so he was assigned a guide to help him adjust to his new life abroad. Arjana was assigned to him last minute, so they had never gotten the chance to meetup over the ‘Net before his ship left Earth, putting him out of communication while his ship traveled the jump gates across the stars.

She checked the flight status on the readout on her artificial retinas. The indicator was flashing green so everything was on time. Good. Should be a nice, routine case.

If only she knew.

This was a fun one to paint. Started out as a pencil sketch in my sketchbook, and was quickly transferred to my computer where digital colour was laid down fairly quickly. I deliberately tried to keep things pretty loose. A stylistic choice I’m trying to maintain as much as possible throughout my work. Hope I did the African features justice. Was loosely inspired while watching Black Panther, though I don’t really think I quite matched the beautiful costume designs of that movie! Enjoy!