Starwars Ep VII Stormtrooper

Please Note: I originally wrote this post shorty after the first teaser trailer realesed a few months ago. Now that the new trailer has been released, I still think much of what I have written still holds up… and quite a bit of it has been blasted out of the water. I’ve decided to post this anyways. You never know. Just remember, this is total speculation on my part.

So I’ve had some time to take in the teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Wars trailer, and I have a few crackpot theories I’d like to share.

I figure I would share them here in case I’m right and have proof I thought of them first! Or it will be something to laugh about if it turns out I’m way off base.

Crackpot Theory #1

I found it strange that after nearly 30 years of time, that the Empire would even be around. Sure there could be a few strongholds out there in the fringe’s of the galaxy, but the Stromtroopers have slightly upgraded equipment and the Tie-Fighters look like they are in good order, and I would imagine that would not be the case if the Empire is just a few rag-tag Star Destroyers carrying on the not-so-good fight.

So what if they aren’t the Empire? What if the Stormtroopers are fighting for the New Republic? If the Empire did fall to the Rebels after the destruction of the second Death Star, it only stands to reason they would commandeer all the left over Empire equipment. Weapons are expensive. Why turf a perfectly usable Tie-Fighter when you don’t have to?

I would also imagine a lot of the Empire’s Military Command and fighting force would wind up working for the New Republic as well. At least the ones not tried for war crimes. This would mean quite a bit of the New Republic’s infrastructure might not be as loyal to the Rebel’s ideals as maybe everyone would like. Without stealing too much from Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier, it wouldn’t take too much imagination to think that maybe the Empire is still secretly carrying on behind the scenes, waiting for the right time.

So maybe our frantic guy in a Stormtrooper uniform at the beginning of the trailer is someone (perhaps a new recruit) who saw something he shouldn’t have and has maybe been left for dead out in some hostile desert? It’s a thought.

So, if this is true, why is the Millennium Falcon fighting Tie-Fighters?

It’s possible, idealists like Luke, Leia, Han (an idealist? work with me here) and Lando weren’t fooled by the Empire’s influence on the New Republic and have been marked as counter-revolutionaries. So we basically have the Empire in the guise of the New Republic fighting the Rebels… again. We’ve scene this historically in Earth’s various revolutions. See both the French and Russian Revolutions.

Crackpot Theory #2

I think our black Stromtrooper might be Lando’s son. Think on it. Early rumours indicate the girl is maybe Han and Leia’s daughter. The next generation of Star Wars hero’s might just be the actual next generation meeting up though a whole series of bizarre coincidences. That has J.J. Abrams written all over it.

Crackpot Theory #3

J.J. likes time travel and alternate timelines. Just look at Lost, Fringe and the Star Trek reboots. Maybe everyone travels back in time and erases the prequels a la X-Men Days of Future Past? Too much to ask?