A few weekends ago, I finally got to both attend and table at my first convention! And while I had fun going (some of the cosplay was fantastic!), it was a sobering look at the return on investment that is selling stuff at a fan convention. Despite that, I did manage to sell a few things and scored a few commissions. I must admit, getting the commissions was a better feeling than selling the prints. And I did better financially from those as well!

I will have to do some thinking about when or if I shall do something like that again. The amount of work that went into it was tremendous and the time away from my family has a big cost as well.

Thankfully, the person I was sharing a corner with was an old pro and had some interesting tips and some insights about the particular convention I was at. So there is that. And I got to eat a sushi burrito from this place. Yummmmmmy!!!!!

See some pics of my meager booth below and some other pics of the convention courtesy of Ai-kon staff and volunteers.

A pic of my meager booth. While I went deliberately for a less cluttered booth, for both looks and budget constraints, it looks like a more “cluttered” approach may have been more worthwhile…

A view from above.

And here are a bunch of doodles I did when waiting in between sales: