Hello. Greetings out there. It has been a while since my last posting, and boy, have things changed. Thankfully, I still have a job that is keeping me busy (at home) but I felt I should try and do something topical on my own. Was worth it just to get through some existential angst. I found this quote on someone’s window when going for a community walk with the kiddos. It’s been used quite a bit it seems, so I felt it would be safe for me to take a crack at this and not be stepping on someone’s toes.

The overall design is a bit outside my wheelhouse. I enjoy a good hand drawn typographic scramble like anyone, but I rarely get to do one in my day to day design job. Like a lot of things it is both quite fun and easy with a good dose of daunting added in. Was nice to throw away the rule book and just put something down on paper and see how it goes. And it goes.

I would like to do something more with this, but I’m not so sure I will. Be nice to put this on a shirt or screen print some posters, giving the proceeds to a local charity or business struggling through the strange times ahead, but I have neither the following or the time it seems to pull that off. At least I got to turn off the news for a few hours.