This year, I found myself once again out in the wilderness on Art Drop Day. And once again, I made use of our families’ geocache to drop something off that a would-be traveller would one day find.

This year I had a bunch of extra art prints available so I thought what better way to get rid of a few of them?

So off to our geocache we went! I also wanted to drop off a few more treasures as last year a certain someone got carried away with wanting to bring home “Pirate Treasure”. The cache was getting a bit empty!

The cache was getting a bit empty. We originally put in polished stones. These are some new ones!

Here I am with my son Aiden, who is playing with a sticker found in the cache and has his hoody on backwards *SIGH*

A pretty accurate map of where to find our geocache. Courtesy of my 4 year old son. I think his mother helped with some of the words.

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