Graphic Design and Illustration.

On the Rocks

An exercise in stark lines and bold, limited colours. Traditional inks with digital colour. I drew this while watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV while going thru old Joni Mitchell pictures of all things.



Kid Robot

Fun sci-fi robot. The point of this one was to use a limited colour palette. I went with red, white, brown and black. Traditional inks with digital colour.



This is a redesign of a character I conceived way back in high school (or maybe even junior high!) so of course he’s basically a rip-off design wise of popular characters like Batman, Black Panther and DC’s Wildcat. The idea is the character was immortal and dated back from pre0history, so the sabre-toothed teeth came from an actual sabre-toothed tiger. Or at least that was the idea.


Eyes up Here

Perhaps one of my most complex digital illustrations to date. I tend to do more comic book style drawings as I find I can do them much faster, but every now and then, I try for something more. This was one that turned out quite well.

Started out as a pencil sketch, was scanned, cleaned up in Photoshop with colour done on both my iPad using Procreate and Adobe Photoshop on my trusty old iMac.


Woman in Red

This was originally put together for Threadless contest for Marvel Characters. I chose Black Widow (pretty obvious). While it didn’t win anything, I removed everything that made it the Marvel character. And viola!

Deliberately left slightly sketchy, this piece was done entirely digitally with a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Swordswoman at Dusk

A fun, cartoonish image of a swordswoman after a battle. Great fun playing with the colours on this one. The line work was all done traditionally with a tiny bit of digital cleanup. All the colour was quickly put in place in Photoshop. Wile a little rough in places, I think this one turned out pretty good. She might show up in some later works…

It was really annoying typing out this article. Autocorrect kept trying to change “swordswoman” to “swordsman”!



A rare piece of frank from yours truly.

This bad boy is Venger, from the cult 80s cartoon classic Dungeons and Dragons. I was never allowed to play as a kid, but I remember the cartoon being fun, and thinking that Venger, the main bad guy, was pretty cool looking.

Lines drawn traditionally with colour done digitally in Photoshop.



So, in an effort to give me some more drawing practice and earn a little extra cash, I’ve decided to open up some commission slots!

I’ve attached some examples of what I’m after for now. They fall under 4 main categories: Social Media Avatars, Black and White Sketches, Black and White with one Extra Colour, Digital Painting, and Robots. I have Robots as separate category, as they can get extra finicky and I think that deserves a special price point. All hand drawn pieces will be 8 x 10. Social Media Avatars should have a pretty tight turnaround and will be done fairly loosely – they are generally only seen small and will not have a lot of detail in them. Digital Paintings will take the longest. Notice all the example are waist up or portraits? That’s all I am doing for now.

Please note the prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING FOR PHYSICAL PIECES. I will add to the price once we’ve agreed to subject matter and I know where to send the piece.

I also reserve the right to refuse service if I deem the requested subject matter offensive. Sexy pinups are okay, but not nudity. I will also not tolerate anything demeaning to woman or minorities, or anything overly violent or crude.

With the exception of Social Media Avatars, digital flies with be watermarked with my info (name and website).

Paypal only for now. Email me by clicking on this link for more information.

Serious inquiries only please.


This past summer, I took part in Winnipeg’s annual Anime convention Ai-Kon. I manage to snag a table by winning 2nd place in their mascot contest. While things didn’t quite work out as expected, I did manage to put together some pretty great pieces. And they are all ORIGINAL DESIGNS. Though many of them play off existing manga/anime tropes and character design.

You can get prints here, or download some wallpapers for your smartphone here.

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