As a kid, I loved maps. I especially liked the ones found in my favourite fantasy novels. The first one was the Hobbit (of course) with many more to follow. I loved to trace them out, and try and track down extra information about what would lay beyond the boundaries of the map. Middle Earth was especially bad for that. I’m not sure exactly how many versions of the Book of Lost Tales I slogged through trying to find out more of what went on beyond the boundaries of the epic The Lord of the Rings.

Anyways, I gave a ty at creating a map for a fictional boardgame. Sort of a Risk clone. The map itself was generated over that this site here. I used it pretty much as it. I did get rid of most of the cities and just kept one for each capital. The website produced an SVG that mostly opened up fine in Illustrator. It’s still pretty much vector art. The exception being the parchment texture in the background and the faked in mountain texture. I reset all the type as I seem to have some different ideas as to what is acceptable type design compared to most computer programmers. Oh well. Enjoy!