About halfway through October, I found out about Inktober, where illustrators from all over try to complete one traditional (not digital) drawing per day. Sounded like a great idea but October was half over by the time I found out about it, and while I have plenty of sketchbooks to fill, not too much India ink in my art supplies these days.

The month of November kinda flew by, so I decided to try out the month of December for a daily drawing challenge. Yes, I know December can be a pretty busy month, but I figure what the heck, I moved into the house I live in right now two weeks before Christmas, this has got to be a breeze, right? Or I’m marching off to my doom.

The Rules

So now the rules. Again, to make it easier on myself, I am leaving any medium open, including digital. Though if it is digital, vector drawing will be out. I like vector drawing, but I am trying for a more traditional approach to artwork for this and I’d just be wrestling with the software too much for a traditional style in programs like Illustrator. And the artwork must be a finished piece. Quick sketches and doodles scrawled out on post it notes don’t count for this exercise. Though sketchy drawing styles are acceptable. Confused? Good. Me too.

Even tough this is a daily challenge I will only be posting once a week on my blog. The blog will contain proper scans of my work if done using traditional media. To follow my daily progress, you’ll have to follow my Twitter feed. That will only contain snap shots off my iPhone if traditional media.

Once everything is over, I will post everything to my vastly underused DeviantArt account and maybe setup some prints for sale. I MIGHT even put a book together of my experiment.

So, Let’s Begin…

Charcoal and Conte of Girl

I’m slightly cheating on this one. It’s a snapshot, not a scan. The final scan will happen for this one at the end of week roundup.

This image has nothing to do with anything. It’s just some random drawing idea I’ve had for ages. Since December 1st kinda snuck up on me, I decided now is the time to get it out.


You can see week one drawings here.

You can see week two drawings here.

You can see week three drawings here.

You can see week four drawings here.

And you can see the last fews days and my final thoughts on this project here.