Not the post I had in mind for this week.

This past Sunday, my wife’s cat, Charlie past away. He was pretty old – over eighteen years old, and not in very good health. He was having kidney troubles and was diabetic. We had a few close calls over the past few years. Infections that really seemed to sap all his energy. But he always bounced back. But these past few months he really slowed down, and it seems his kidneys finally gave out on him. Probably Friday or early Saturday. He looked and sounded pretty grim Sunday afternoon.

I took him to the emergency vet that was open on Sunday, and they gave us the bad news. It was just about the hardest thing I ever did.

Anyways, a quickie tribute to him. Chowing down on some kibble. Pencil on yellow note pad. Colour quickly done in Photoshop.

Rest easy Chuckles.