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Sir Aiden, Protector of the Giraffe People


Just a quick post while waiting for my phone to update to IO7.

A very imaginary drawing inspired by my son. Of course the details are largely guesswork as he’s only 6 months old. But if he keeps eating the way he is now, I’m certain he’ll get to this size soon enough. As for the rest, the giraffe cowl is inspired from his favourite blanket. Toss in a bit of sleep deprived imagination and he we go! Drawn in Adobe Ideas as a test. The drop shadow and a couple of very minor tweaks in Illustrator.

BTW, this one has become a personal favourite of my wife. I’m going to see what my options are to get a print made of this one. I’ll probably tweak the illustration a bit more before that though. Adobe Ideas is a pretty nifty program, but there’s just a few things bugging this sometimes anal graphic designer.

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