So, this past week, I was off to yet another installment of the Secret Handshake, a monthly meetup of Winnipeg’s finest (and not-so-finest)  creative freelancers and such. It was held on a Wednesday, so I was able to drag Kim with me for some company. It was held at the King’s Head Pub this time around. The last time it was held there I found it got rather loud. It was loud again this time, but not quite a loud as before. You could actually hear what the other person was saying this time around. Not that it was all that difficult as there was some rather loud people there (and the loudest person there was a marketing person – go figure).

Anyways, the evening was in dedication to an iPhone app that was just developed. Anthm. And yes, I spelled that right. It’s an interesting app. It basically lets someone setup their iPhone as a jukebox of sorts (assuming they have their iPhone hooked up to a stereo via an aux cable). And then other people in the party who have the same app installed can vote on what song comes up next on the playlist. It seems fairly simple and straightforward. I don’t actually own an iPhone and the King’s Head doesn’t have wi-fi so my iPod Touch was pretty useless for the evening.

There are two drawbacks to the app as far as I can tell. The first is, it uses Rdio (again with the missing vowels, Pat Sajak, where are you?) to generate a playlist and grab songs from. That’s all fine and dandy if you have an account with them. But if you’re a cheapskate like me, that could be drawback. At least it is if you’re the one who is hosting the jukebox party. For voting purposes it doesn’t seem all that necessary I think. Might be an idea to use the iPhone’s music library or maybe even patch into an iTunes’s music library on a handy nearby computer. The other problem is every now and then, everyone’s (and I mean everyone’s) head is buried in their mobile screen instead of socializing. Though, I have been to a few parties where that would have been an improvement and not a drawback. Hey, we’ve all been there!

The app, as of right this very moment, is not available on the iTunes App Store, but it should be as soon as it gets approved by Apple. Somehow they managed to have the app available for download on the night of the debut on Wednesday on their website. It does not look like it’s available any more. So you’ll all just have to stay tuned.

And now for the rest of the evening.

We were only there for a bit. I had had a very odd day and was feeling rather tired. And while Kimmy had a more normal day, she was beat as well. So we left after having an interesting chat with a photographer, who much to Kimmy’s delight was quite the name dropper. And I also made sure we stayed long enough to partake in the munchies provided by our host. I still have no idea how that happens. Nobody I’ve spoken to has any idea how this stuff gets paid for either. I guess I’ll just have to be on the lookout for Lefty and Knuckles when they come for my Secret Handshake dues. And put my running training to good use when/if they show up.

Next month’s meeting is supposed to be a big one. Which is too bad as I’ve got a lot of things on the go right now, and I think I may have to miss it. And then in April I’m gone for a big chunk of the month as I am off to the Domincan Republic for a destination wedding, so I’m most likely going to have to miss that one as well.