I’ve been mulling over a few ideas I’ve recently had for some jewelry designs. I’ve flirted with being a rockhound over the years (a nasty outgrowth from an unhealthy obsession with fossils and dinosaurs) so it’s only natural to have a rock tumbler around. And occasionally I’ve tried my had at amateur jewelry making. I’m not very good at it (these fingers were made for drawing, not needle nose pliers) , but I am also pretty good with this whole computer thing, so I’ve been playing around in 3D programs with the intent of getting these things 3D printed. And since my first attempt turned out pretty good, I thought why not?

So I’ve got a ring, and two pendant designs just about ready. They are a little derivative, but what was it that Picasso said? Good artists borrow, great ones steal?

I think I’m going to get these printed over at Ponoko. They have a limited set of 3D printed materials to offer, but they are local (ie North American) so I hopefully won’t get quite so dinged with import charges as I will with other companies I could name. UPS equals highway robbery when it comes nasty import fees! I’d rather deal with USPS/Canada Post any day. But anyways, I think I’m going to get this first printed in a standard hi-res plastic print to ensure these designs will work in the real world, and then get them printed out in sterling silver. Probably over at Shapeways, as they have a printing process similar to the ones used in professional jewelry making. So I’d imagine they’d turn out pretty sweet. And worth the import fees.