While this isn’t my first image created almost entirely on the iPad this is my favorite so far.

I wanted to do a series of images for the Image of the month section of my blog for the summer. For a theme, I settled on TV Femme Fatales of the Sixties. The first one in this series is Emma Peel aka Dame Diana Rigg of British TV’s The Avengers. I’m a bit too young to have caught the show during its original run, but I’ve aught the sbow on reruns a few times. And like many a goung man, I was captivated by her strenght and sex appeal.

It’s interesting that in this retro style of drawing, she would up looking quite a bit like Natalie Dormer, which makes sense as she plays the daughter to Diana Rigg’s character in Game of Thrones, so I left it as is.

Starting off as a sketch, I used the iPad’s camera to take a shot of the sketch. This was my scanner replacement. I then opened the image as a background layer in Autodesk’s Sketchbook Ink and used the tools in that program to ink out the black lines. I then exported the image to my photos library at a fairly high resolution.

I then imported the image into Procreate App to quickly throw in some greyscale inl washes and add some extra detail to the image.

The background pattern was a fill pattern from the Sketches program imported as a layer in Procreate.

All in all l the image turned out rather well. And it shows that fairly polished images can be created solely on the iPad.

After originally posting this image to Twitter, someone posted this image as a reply:


It’s the right era, but I have no idea where the image is from. It inspired me to make this drawing: