So here’s the second week of my daily drawing challenge. It was a bit tough this week as my work days were pretty hectic. I even forgot to post to Twitter for one of the days.


The Little Mermaid was on TV the night I drew this. Believe it or not, I had never seen the Disney version before.


This was from a life drawing drop in class at the Cre8ery here in Winnipeg. It was not a good night for me. This was the only one worth posting. I am hoping got get off my butt and digitize a whole whack of life drawing sketches in the new year.


A tough looking barbarian dude. I think I was channelling Joe Kubert for this one.Dec_11

A bunch of faces I drew on my lunch break at my work. This was the image I forget to post.Dec_12

I was drawing (cartoonish) polar bears at work on this day. Inspired me to draw this more realistic pencil sketch.Dec_13

Baby ninja sketch done while watching my son play. Kimmy commented that this could be a good Munny design. Maybe, I have a couple of Foomi designs to take care os sometime in 2014…Dec_14

Of course this meant that I had to answer my baby ninja drawing with a baby pirate drawing. Ninja vs Pirates anyone?