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Looks like no sooner that I complained about maybe the geocache Kimmy and I set up last summer not being approved, it was! Add in a little procrastination on my part, and the site is now activated! You can read all about my ideas for the cache here and here.

Of course, it is now under quite a bit of snow right now, so I don’t imagine many people will be out looking for it for a while. Probably not until the spring thaw. For anyone braving the elements, or thinking about next spring/summer activities, you can find the info for the cache by searching for Sir Charles Esengrim’s Treasure Trove over at or by the id number GC3VJWD.

And the name of the cache you ask? It’s named after my wife’s cat, Charlie. Sir Charles Esengrim is in fact his full name. And he is very well read on his blogs (he’s not much of a Twitterer) so be rest assured, he does follow this blog very carefully, and is quite anxious as to how the geocache turns out.

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    • Steve Downie

      Well, the cache is under about 1 1/2 feet of snow right now. Maybe more if there was any drifting. They’s have to be pretty dedicated to find it. For instance, if I had to go back there to change something or remove it, it would have to wait for spring. 🙂

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