My rendition of another favourite of mine from my childhood – Ambush Bug. A rather zany superhero from the DC Universe, who originally started out life as a Superman villan. More can be read out him here. As for the style, I’m trying to keep up with what I did in the post. And this one as well.

I like the character. He was so strange. I discovered him right around the same time I discovered Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so zany humor mocking the comic-book industry was just what the doctor ordered. Any character who is forced to use a potted plant for Swamp Thing and finger puppets of villains, all because his super villain license had been revoked, was just perfect in my books. And by this time (my late teens) I was slowly beginning to loose interest in superhero comic stories, but not the artwork. Catching up on the rare stories featuring this guy was a good way for me to keep myself interested in Pop Art, but without the headache of over-the-top testosterone fueled storytelling. Not that I don’t still find a good adventure story exciting and interesting. I was just getting interested in greater storytelling experiences.