Well, this one page took waaaay too long to put together. The drawing didn’t take too long. I find the lettering to be a rather laborious task. And I kept putting it off. And it hasn’t been to hard to procrastinate as I’ve been working rather long hours at work and the weather this summer has been particularly good. Everything else I’ve posted this summer has either been had drawn or didn’t really take me much time at the computer to accomplish.

So to help me out a bit, I tried out Comic Life software by Plasq. Just a quick warning. There are quite a few sound effects and while cute, they quickly became annoying. It did help me out with the lettering, but I found the layout tools to be a bit too simple for my needs. So I think from here on in, I’ll keep to laying out the panels in Photoshop and the type will be composed in Comic Life 2.

Hopefully the next installment won’t be quite as long a wait.