After much work (and one or two accidental posts that the world wasn’t really supposed to get) my website and blog are up and running once again!

I changed the theme of my blog today to the Portfolio theme. As a designer, I feel bad that I went and used someone’s theme, but it was setup much the way I was thinking of running a portfolio style blog, so I figured it was worth the extra cash and spring for a pre-built theme than hosting a WordPress blog somewhere on my own. This change also meant I had to drastically alter the way I set up my site. I used pages instead of posts to originally layout my design and illustration portfolio. In order for this theme to work it’s magic, the site needs to be all posts instead. I had to take the site offline to ensure anyone out there following this blog doesn’t suddenly get flooded with a whole whack of posts from me. Especially since it was all old content.

So for anyone out there who had never actually checked out the site in it’s entirety, please feel free to check it out at