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Image of the Month – April WIP


And by the skin of my teeth. Though it is somewhat of a cheat. I labeled it a WIP (Work in Progress for the acronym challenged) as it obviously isn’t quite finished yet. I actually sketched this guy out on a cloudy day in Punta Cana (yes, they do have those occasionally) but only just scanned him in mere moment ago.

Eventually, (as in a few days from now) I am going to print out a reduced scale of this scan out onto some textured paper I have lying around and mount him to a 2.5 x 3 inch trading card and finish him off in acrylic. Then, later (much later) by the end of summer, the wifey and me should have a geocache set up somewhere in the Whiteshell with this guy in it as a trackable item. It should be interesting to see where this guy eventually winds up. Assuming of course we don’t pick a place that too well hidden for people to find!

So stay tuned and I’ll post a pic of this bad boy once I have him all finished.

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    • Steve Downie

      Probably not much more detailed. 2.5 x 3 inches isn’t exactly huge and I tend towards the more spontaneous than detailed when it comes to painting. I tend to be the opposte for graphite and other BW mediums Though I intend to contain myself for this piece.

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