I wasn’t originally going to go to this month’s Secret Handshake, a very loose organization of some of Winnipeg’s creative community, but I managed to get a few things done early so I managed to find the time to run (or in this case walk) over to the King’s Head Pub and see what all the fuss was about. This time around they were going to be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the formation of the Meetup. And there was supposed to be a super-secret announcement to be made as well. I was intrigued. And that doesn’t happen often.

As per usual, I managed to met a large assortment of people from various different backgrounds. I understand there was another Pollard person lurking around somewhere, but I never did find out who. The place I work at, IS pretty big, and like many organizations, it has quite a bit of departmentalism going on, so there are quite a few people who work there I’ve never met, even after 8 years (!) of being there. Maybe next time.

Since I was curious about the big announcement, I decided since I usually blog about these events shortly after they happen, I thought I’d put on my ill-fitting blogger/journalist hat and investigate just what might be in store for us at the Meetup.

Turns out it was… nothing.

Once I managed to track down out fearless leader and organizer Leanne, (who rather amusingly did not remember who I was until I mentioned where and what I do for a living… seems my work is more memorable than me… I’ll have to work on that) she confessed that there was some technical difficulties in whatever they had up their collective sleeves (I understand it had something to do with New Media Manitoba). A bit of a let down, but that did not mean there wasn’t a few interesting announcements all the same. As my little pic shows:

Please forgive the crappy photo. My wife is the photographer in the family. And the photo was more of a spur of the moment kind of thing.

The big goofy-looking guy waving his hands wildly, is Kevin, the Big Cheese at New Media Manitoba. And while the pic isn’t clear, the young lady beside him is the previously mentioned Leanne. And what they are announcing is the New Media Showcase 2012. Here’s a quick blurb describing the event:

It’s going to be a party! Join us as we showcase 7 amazing
New Media freelancers and companies
 on Wednesday,
March 28, 7 PM, 
at IMAX Portage Place!

And it turns out one of the seven freelancers was our very own Leanne! Way to go! Even if you can’t remember me to save your life! That’s pretty cool. Too bad about the timing of the event as there is just no way I could attend. And sorry Kevin, I have it on pretty good authority that angels will NOT loose their wings if people don’t show up to your shindig.

And shortly afterwards, it was pumpkin time for me. It was a school night, and I hadn’t been home all day. And I was exhausted.