So here’s my first installment on the Clint McQueen series, Curse of the Tiki Toki. It’s going to be a very simply drawn comic with a few Photoshop embellishments. I want it to remain fairly visceral and dynamic. And quick to draw 🙂

I’m going with a square format for each scene. It’s a little odd in dimensions, but an art supply store here in Winnipeg recently went out of business and was practically giving away its left over stock in merchandise. They had these very small, square-ish sketch books. I bought an armload of them with this webcomic thing in mind. The books are very portable, so I can take them around anywhere, and being rather small, it will force me to draw quickly, simply and focus on only what is important to get the meaning across for each and every scene I plot out. Should be fun.

I am also going to try and be a little disciplined in when I put these out. Since this is the third Sunday in the month, I’m going to try for that. Except for the next installment. I’ll be away for the next installment, and while I will be bringing the sketchbooks along and plotting out the scenes, I have no intention of brining along a computer to complete the scenes or post them to the internet. I’m certain the throngs of readers  (yeah, right) I have acquired will understand 🙂

So stay tuned for next month, when we see just how Clint will get out of the predicament I put him in, and maybe why I put him there in the first place.