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Secret Handshake – The January Review

It’s that time again for my very unofficial review of The Secret Handshake, a monthly meetup for creative people in the greater Winnipeg community.

I originally wan’t sure I was going to go to this one. January has been a pretty busy month for me, and it was damn cold outside. But last minute, I decided to go anyways.

It was very slow to start when I got there. But I did arrive pretty early, so it’s not like there was a ton of people to chat with, and as a personal character flaw, I do take a while to warm up to people. And sometimes people take a while to warm up to me. I can be quite an enigma to people and I think I have a very intense way about me when I talk to people that might be a bit off putting. I’m a portrait artist at heart and I have a thing for faces. I’m always deeply and intently observing people’s faces and I think people often take it the wrong way. But the slowness of the evening taking off gave me the opportunity to really enjoy my meal. The meetup was at the Lo Pub, which seems to be the usual haunt. I had the special, an Tuscan Tofu Sandwich with fries. Very tasty. So basically, stay away from the Philly on their menu, and I do not think you can go wrong.

Once the evening picked up though, there was quite a bit of activity on the stage area of the pub. Some guy had gotten a hold of a lens from an old WWII bomber and fused it to a bellows camera which was haphazardly attached to a digital camera. It was huge, awkward and very, very cool. Not too sure what possessed him to actually do it. My wife said it was probably Everest; it was just there. I’d recommend anyone who is into photography (or Istagram) to check out the camera. The pictures that camera actually took haven’t been posted yet (he took a LOT of pics, mostly because it was really hard to keep it in focus) but check back in a while. The quality and essence of the pics could be described as Instagram the really, really hard way. I hope he actually makes some use of that camera. It’d probably be just too much of a pain for a lot of commercial use, but it had a really nice quality to the images. Hopefully someone will see this and have a special project that could make use of his ingenuity. And hopefully my pic turned out as well. The little LCD preview certainly made me look way more badass than I actually am. Would be cool to have kicking around even if the focus might not be bang on. But then, that’s the charm of a picture like that. As with most things modern and cultural, I’m going to blame the lighting and camera crew of Firely for that one. (Disclaimer: I’m not a browncoat, but I am a little afraid of them.)

Once my pic was taken, it was time for me go. Amazingly, I managed to time the bus almost perfectly. Like I planned it that way or something. The trip back home wasn’t as eventful as some others I’ve had, but we all did manage to piss of the diver for some reason. A lot of the busses now use a touch pad to open the rear doors. I hate them, as they only seem to work some of the time. So, everyone was pressing pretty hard on the touch sensitive door to ensure the door would open. The driver got so mad he stomped up to the middle of the bus to show “those of us who don’t already know,” that the door was “electrified(?)” and you don’t have to actually touch the door, just place your hands close to the front of the door. And magically, the door opens. I was seriously awed by the miracle of the open bus door. But was a little confused as the door very clearly indicated that you had to touch the door to open it. My protestations went unanswered, and I was sorely tempted to touch the door even after our little demonstration, just to see how much I could wind up the bus driver. But clear thinking prevailed as I assumed he’d just not let me off at my stop and I’d be forced to walk home from what I’d imagine would be a long way off from home. And -30 degrees is a bit too cold for such playfulness.

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