Just in time for the end of the month! This image was first started as an experiment back in November. The Winnipeg Art Gallery drop in life drawing program decided to do a costumed extended pose. It was the first time such a thing was done. It was a Toulouse Lautrec inspired theme. The costume was supposedly the model’s own. Anyways, the turnout was quite good. Maybe a little too good. I was one of the later ones to arrive and had to make do with the view I had. With everyone setting up paints, it gets pretty crowded pretty quickly!

I started off with a charcoal line drawing and then started to work on a watercolour painting on 120-lb cold presed watercolour paper. Once back home I fleshed out everything a bit more in acrylics. Not my usual bag, but it turned out pretty good.

Anyone reading this and is in the Winnipeg area, there are plans for more costumed poses (the life drawing program at the WAG focuses on nudes) with one happening maybe in February. I’ll probably make a mention of any exact dates and times on this blog once I get better details.