Hello! October can be a real fun (and super busy) time of the year for artists! On and off, I have participated in the monthly art challenge of Inktober. I regret I won’t be able to participate this year as I decided to do something similar for later on in the year. I just couldn’t justify doing both.

Instead, I have decided to resurrect (see what I did there?) something from my very early start as a designer: Tales from the Darkside.

It used to be a tradition among local designers to get together once a year and “celebrate” jobs that didn’t go so well, and retell them close to halloween.

So I’m going to put on my storyteller hat and try to do the same here about once a week until the end of the month. The good news is, I’m not naming names and even if I do, they will be changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty. I will also be digging things up from early on in my career (and maybe even school) so people and companies have pretty much moved on. So there should be very little fallout if word gets around that I’ve been telling tales out of class.

So stay tuned and we shall see what I can come up with this Friday! Enjoy!