After a long hiatus this summer, this is my first real blog post in a while. But summer is pretty much over, and I am ready to start things up again. So here we go!

This past week, I patricipated in World Art Drop Day, where artists all over the world left little gifts for people to find. Just check out out the hashtag #ArtDropDay in Twitter, Instagram and most likely Facebook. Or you can go to this page where it all started.

Last year, I drew out a series of artist sketch cards and hid them in various locations while taking my son to his daycare. This meant a lot of outdoor locations. And a torrential rainstorm. Read about it here. This year I wanted something a little more durable.

I fist started out with the idea of vinyl stickers. And while I did find Some nice places online, it was just too much money for just a few stickers I would need. It’s not like I was plastering the entire city with stickers!

I decided to 3D print a figurine instead. I had already settled on a theme of robots and it seemed like a natural. I hadn’t printed out anything of my own in 3D for a while so it was a good exercise to do.

I originally started out with a sketch. I sketched out quite a few different robots until I settled upon the design of the pillbot.

Robot Sketch

Once I had a sketch done, I used my iPad and a program from Autodesk called 123D Design to build most of the parts.


Once I had all the main pieces put together, I put everything into a 3D program called Blender. Here I could fine tune some shapes and get him posed.

Blender Screen Shot

Once I had the little robot posed, I output an STL file and sent him off to be 3D printed at the nice folks at Shapeways. He is printed out on a very fine detailed translucent plastic. I then quickly gave him a very thin coat of primer to help bring out the details.

Little Prints

If I were to do it again, I would have attached the arms to the base for some added reinforcement. While it printed out just fine, one of the arms did break off and I had to glue it back on. Hopefully the people who found the figurines found them fully intact.

Thoses of you who are interested, these little guys are now for sale online at Shapeways. I have the same robot in a few other poses and I may make them available if there is any interest in these little robots. Follow this link to purchase.

Just be aware these robots would not make very good toys for very young children.  They are very small and fragile. The would be okay for a much older child (like a pre-teen or teen) or the young at heart.