Not sure why I haven’t heard of this App earlier, but Waterlogue by Tin Rocket is one of the more exciting graphics Apps I have seen in a long time.

For decades, there has been various plugins for Photoshop that mimic watercolour (and other traditional techniques) with usually less than impressive results. They always look, well, filtered. And sure there’s programs like Painter, and Sketchbook Pro that can mimic natural media, but those programs require basic artistic skill and the time needed to paint them. Honestly, you might as well just break out the water paints…

Enter Waterlogue. With just a few clicks you can turn this…
IMG_0179.JPG into this…

The App seems to analyze the image and works up an image in a similar way a traditional painter would. Very cool.

There’s quite a few different presets. My favorites include Travelogue, Natural, and Shallow. It takes a bit of time to render the results. And I don’t think the App works on older iOs models. It is quite cool watching the different renders unfold though. well worth the wait!

Once I went through the sample images I quickly took a few snapshots to see how it would work with real world results. The results were quite impressive.

Do watercolourists need to worry? Probably not. While very, very good, the end results were still a little photography looking. Where this app could come in real handy would be for students or amateurs who would like to see how a scene could work as a watercolour before you commit paint to paper.

This App would also be great for spicing up imagery for blog posts or status updates. It can easily take a fairly blah image and add some life to it.

It can also be a great way to make your digital art look hand painted.

A digital mermaid from a previous post. The original May be found here.

Once you have an image that you are happy with, there are many sharing options available, including Instagram support.

Definitely worth the buy. I’m looking forward to future incarnations of this app. More can be discovered by following their blog. [Waterlogue for iOs]