For years and years, I had heard of a website called Threadless. They are a crowd-sourced site for t-shirt designs (among other things). There’s pretty descent cash prizes for the winners and they do seem to have quite a variety of very different styles of designs that get to be printed. After viewing many other designer’s submissions, I decided to sign up.

And then I promptly did nothing about it.

Not too long ago, I decided to give it another try. This time do more than just think about joining in and actually do something about it. I noticed they had a sub contest where they wanted character submissions and these character submissions (if won for t-shirt design) would get created as a vinyl toy! With my burgeon experience in 3D printing, I thought I’d have the advantage of knowing what might translate well into a proper three dimensional design. So here’s my design:


I know a lot of aspiring designers and artists follow my blog, so if you are of a mind, and think my design is worth it, follow the link, and give me a vote! Act soon as voting will end in a few days. You’ll need to either set up an account with Threadless or sign in using Facebook to vote though.

And even if you don’t think much of my design, go to the site anyways and check it out. There’s a lot of clever imagery there that might just inspire you to make a design of your own! Or perhaps pick up a tee or two for yourself!