Shortly after I started using Evernote, I started up a notebook for just blog post topics or projects I could do for my website. Inspiration can hit at any time, and it may not be practical to jump on any idea that comes to me right away. It may be days, weeks, or even years before I start projects once I’ve come up with them. And of course when I DO have some spare time to work on something, I usually cannot remember most of my older ideas. Keeping a running list of stuff is handy to have around. If I have some time and can’t think of anything to do, just consult the list.

For this list, I started up a new Notebook in Evernote to stash all my ideas in. This notebook mainly consists of just one note. Its a big list of ideas that I can quickly jot down. Using Evernote is nice as I can use a checkbox to start off each item of my list and can then check them off as I complete them, giving me a small sense of accomplishment. My list is quite long and ever growing.

Evernote List

My Evernote Blog ideas list. This is just a small portion of the list. It’s quite long.

And I’m not too worried about trying to finish my list. It’s not quite a to do list or bucket list‚ as I’m not supposed to finish it. If I do, that means I’ve run out of ideas. And for a blog about creative design, that’s a bad thing.

And with it being Evernote, everything is synced to all my devices, and I can cross reference my list of stuff with various other notes and web clippings I’ve stored up over the past few years of blog reading.

This list idea could work for anyone, be it a visual artist like myself, a writer could use it for a list of topics to write about, or even cooking ideas for a budding chef to try out.

Simple but effective. [Evernote for iOS]

For those interested, the iPhone mockup I used for this post came from here:


It’s a free download and was quite nice!