Star Lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park.

This is an update from the post I made last year regarding geocaches. You can read about it here.

At the beginning of this summer I got the chance to check out the geocache we set up at the end of last year.

It was great to get outside and explore, even if the cache is just off a fairly well marked (and well traveled) road. Not to give too much away, but the header shot for this blog post was taken not too far away from the cache’s location. So it’s a pretty scenic area.

This also gave me a chance to try out the baby-wear we bought for our son Aiden. It was the first time with Dad, though Aiden had been in it with his mother a couple of times. He was’t too sure at first, but he quickly settled down and even managed to fall asleep on the way back.

Baby and Me

Me and Aiden, checking out the logbook. This was the first time baby and Dad using the baby-wear.

Surprisingly, a number of people managed to find it over the winter. The downside was the cache wasn’t hidden in the same place as we left it. Either snow clearing in the area moved it, or someone thought they had it hidden properly but all the snow we had this winter may have only made it look like it was hidden properly. Or maybe some animals got a hold of it.

Cache Contents_New

The cache and it’s original contents.

Fortunately, someone found the cache and nicely hid it away for us. Not quite the same place as we had the year before, but it was hidden well enough. I chose to leave the cache at its new resting place.


The contents of the cache as of late June.

It was interesting to see all the log posts and a few little goodies left behind.


Some examples of some of the log posts left behind.


More examples of log posts left behind.

My geotagged art trading card I made for the geocache was found almost right away, and has since traveled to parts unknown. Last I heard it was in the Savannah, Georgia area. That made my wife rather jealous as she has wanted to go to Savannah for while now. Especially after seeing the movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. She has it in her head that Savannah must be this really cool, quirky place with a rich history and atmosphere, just like in the movie. People who know better can just keep that to themselves. One day we will get there and decide for ourselves!

Following the modest success of that trading card, I’ll be making another one up and will be placing it in our cache later this summer.
Stay tuned!

For anyone interested, all the pictures taken in the post have been processed after the fact using some Instagram-like Photoshop actions that I picked up on the Internet for free. I’ll be blogging a review of the actions and my thoughts on these “vintage” style camera effects in a later post.