This past week my RSS newsreader served me up a rather sad little post. Canadian illustration blog, Drawn, is closing its virtual doors. Seems the author is getting too invested in his own illustration career to be sending out posts on the goings ons in the lives and works of various illustrators throughout the world. Not necessarily a bad thing. Nice to see an illustrator being busy.

I first found out about the blog a few years ago by looking over the shoulders of one of my coworkers. Seems most everyday there were new postings showcasing a variety of different artists and styles. It was all very inspiring. While i was only quietly following the blog, I couldn’t help but wonder if I might one day be showcased on Drawn. That would probably mean I’d have to finally settle on a style!

But the past few months the posts were getting fewer and fewer. So few in fact, that I was going to double check to make certain the feed was working. And then I got the final posting from Drawn, explaining everything. Sad news indeed.

Hopefully, we will see Drawn again in some future incarnation. Or maybe someone will pick up the mantle and carry on? In the meantime, anyone know another curator of illustration on the ‘Net? Abduzeedo is pretty good for comic/fantasy/graffiti art. But I always appreciated the broader drawing styles found on Drawn.