While it has been quite the trend the past few weeks, I am just about done going thru some of my older stuff and getting them digitized and published online. Eventually, I’ll just put up a page that will contain all these images. But for now, on with the show…

This first one was done quite some time ago. I was still in college (so over 17 years ago, if anyone is keeping score) and I’m pretty certain I was doing this image when I should have been working on a school project. Done in water colours with a bit of pencil crayon for some details. Pen and ink for the lines.

I think I was looking for something illustrative for some possible self-promo work once I finally graduated from school. Never used it for anything though it was in my portfolio for years and years. Believe it or not, the type I lifted (i.e. stole) from a car dealership ad. I rarely if ever hand draw type anymore, but it was still part of the curriculum when I was in school. Definitely not something I miss!

This next image needs less of an explanation. When I was a teenager I fell in love with both the stories written by Michael Moorcock and the book covers that were coming out at that time for his books. Here’s an example:

My image was an early attempt at trying to tap into that style of drawing. The “type” used in my piece is just a made up, fantasy alphabet I very quickly made up.

I’m not entirely certain I am done with that motif though. I may wind up doing something else with that image. Perhaps I can convince a certain someone to help me out and pose for some reference material… hmmmmmmmmmm.