This one was almost going to be a cheat. The weather here in Winnipeg has been rather bizarre as of late. While it has cooled down a bit to more seasonally cooler temps, we’ve had quite a few VERY warm days. We should still have quite a bit of snow on the ground, but we haven’t had any snow on the ground for a few weeks now. Anyways, on one of the warmer days, I was out for dinner with my wife at Montana’s Bar and Grill. What’s interesting is the butcher’s paper they use for table cloths and the crayons they leave for you on each table. I always wind up drawing a dinosaur or dragon or some such while waiting for my meal. I also usually wind up with a server having a bad day whenever I go there. So the sketch I made of a dragon almost became my image of the month. Instead, it became the genesis for this month’s image.

Posted below is a really crappy pic of the dragon I drew at Montana’s and the other two pics are of drawings made by my lovely wife. Not only beautiful, but talented as well!