A follow up from a previous post where I posted some 3D jewellery designs I had come up with.

I had them printed out. I had to go with Shapeways rather than Ponoko  as Ponoko has some size restrictions on how small you can go, and these designs are rather small in their total volume. So I will have to wait and see how it is like dealing with Ponoko. They seem to be more a laser cutting and CNC routing sort of place anyways.

Anyways, the turtle and heart pendants turned out pretty cool. The ring on the other hand will jave to go back to the drawing board with. It fits (half the battle). but I think the detail I have might be a bit too subtle. It MIGHT come out better in the silver material (the material I eventually hope to eventually print it out from) but I think if the effect is too subtle in the plastic, I probably won’t be too happy with it in silver. And I’d rather get it right paying five to ten dollars a shot than sixty dollars a shot!

That’s all for the good news. Now for the bad. I designed the honu turtle pendant with some people in mind, but Shapeways is experiencing silver overload in their pipeline, and if I order right this very minute (rather than type out this blog post) and cross my fingers, it might arrive in the very nick of time. As in the day I’m off for vacation. That’s a little too close for comfort, so I’m just going to sit on all this 3D printing until after my holidays. If the people who I had in mind for the turtles ever read this post (and they shall remain nameless in the event some miracle happens) all I can say is, ”There‘s always this summer.”