I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect Buddha for years and years. And I finally found it.

Did I find it high up in the Himalayans? Nope.

Deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia guarded by scores of ninja assassins and bored samurai? Nope.

No. After years of fruitless searching in exotic places like Walmart, flea markets, and even a few closeout sales of failed import shops, it was my wife, in the strange and exotic land of the LC, that my wife found the perfect Buddha.

Buddha beer!

Being a teetotaler myself (except in the Caribbean – but that’s another story), I rarely find myself in any LC, so it’s little wonder it took so long to find it. Thank God one of us drinks!

If anyone’s interested, yes I did take a quick sample. It wasn’t half. The last time I said that about a beer I was in New Zealand of all places. There was a microbrewery on the south island, whose name escapes me, that I was rather partial to. Kimmy liked it too. And before anyone tries to help me remember, no, it wasn’t Speights (or Tui for that matter either).