Been watching this waaaaayyyyy to much lately.

While I do not think I’m the first one to do this, I think this would be a pretty cool idea. Though I’d imagine most people would notice the omission of a certain female (possibly several female) leads. And while I do love Penny and company, I have other plans for an addition to this animated quartet, but it ain’t no hotty neighbour. Then what you may ask? You may.

All the really cheesy cartoon adaptations of the sixties and seventies (My Favourite Martian or I Dream of Jeannie anyone?) had one thing in common. Bizarre extra characters that had nothing to do with the actual series. I blame The Great Gazoo from The Flinstones fame. I’m thinking some sort of cat or parrot. Maybe named Einstein or possibly Schrodinger if it’ll be a cat. Or maybe a luminous goldfish. Or a robot. Or a luminous robot goldfish named Einstein. Either way it has to be stupid and sensless. Stay tooned!

I also have ideas for Castle, Supernatural, and a hopefully suitably bizarre mashup of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.