So another meeting of the minds at the Secret Handshake Meetup. This time around it was the Christmas party and we were celebrating along with New Media Manitoba and the GDC. Very big crowd of people. And ran into some old acquaintances. A former workmate from my days at GB Graphics and someone I went to high school with. Winnipeg can sometimes be a very small place.

And while there, we all got to sample some vegetarian poutine! Didn’t really think something like that was possible. And for those of you who have no idea what the heck poutine is, well… sucks to be you! It was quite good. And strangely free. I wasn’t the only one commenting on that. Nothing is ever free. I guess whenever the collection agency of Lefty, Louis, and Knuckles show up, I’ll just send them to the goofs across the street. Unless someone at Secret Handshake has deep pockets. If that’s the case, I can be open to adoption.

And speaking of old acquaintances with deep pockets (I have no idea what that means), the nice people over at New Media Manitoba are conducting a census. Sounds like an interesting idea, and Kevin Hnatiuk, the big goofy looking guy in the video on the link to the census, is a pretty good guy and a long time advocate for new media development here in the ‘Peg. I encourage anyone reading this who is connected to new media and from Manitoba to fill out the census. As I will do once I plunk myself down in front of a computer. Sorry, Kevin, it’ll take more than a census form to get me in front of a computer on a Friday night.

So think that’s all for now. I’ll just end off with a big shout out to the two little twerps who insisted on high-fiving me every time I went around the track for my run at the Pan-Am pool. And in totally unrelated news, anyone know how to clear up a case of the common couties? Oh, and thanks NMM for the cool new toque.