I’ve been working on this image on and off now for some time. I’ve been learning how to model a car in 3D. The car I’ve chosen is Honda’s 2010 Insight. The only reason I’ve chosen that particular car to model is that’s the car I own and sometimes even drive (it’s mostly driven by my wife as I live very close to work and either walk, bike or take the bus to work every day). I figure I’m about half-way there. It’s been quite the process and leaning experience. 3D drawing programs don’t really work like more traditional graphic design programs so there can be quite a steep learning curve.

I still have to put in some tires, do a little bit more work to the grill, add a few more details to the doors, colour, texture, and light the model. I don’t think I want to try the interior. I’d like this project to end at some point! 🙂

I’ll probably post a few more screencaps as I make more progress in the coming months. I’m in no hurry to end this project as it is a learning experience only. And I want to take my sweet time and get it done as well as I possibly can.