So, I went to another meeting of the now infamous Secret Handshake, a meetup group for creatives here in Winnipeg. Since my significant other had the night off, I dragged her with me kicking and screaming 🙂

It was held at the King’s Head Pub. A nice place I suppose, but considering the size of the crowd in relation to the room we were in, it did get rather loud. I had to fall back on the old, smile and just nod trick a few times as I simply could not hear the other person speaking. Or I’m just showing my age.

But we did get to meet a few more interesting people. Showing my age or not, it was definitely a… younger crowd. But we both had fun, and Kimmy did say she would do it again should she ever get a free Thursday night. Though, she did raise a good question: how does the group afford all this? There are name tags, pins, snacks, the room itself, and other things I’m sure I’m forgetting. Will there be someone coming a knocking on my door for collections, will I be paying into a protection racket? Or is it more of the Godfather approach and one day I’ll have a phone call from someone in need if a “favour” and suddenly I gotta see a man about a horse? Or maybe there’s a fundraiser meeting and I just haven’t been to enough meetings to know about it yet. Guess only time will tell.

Oh, and if you find yourself at the King’s Head Pub, and you order something spicy, go for the mild. We both ordered medium, and just a little too spicy. And we both enjoy a meal with a bit of a kick to it.