So today I got the privilege of meeting Peter Mansbridge. You know, that guy from CBC’s, The National? Now how’d a nobody from Winnipeg manage to score something like that? Well, I just happen to be married to a somebody, that’s how!

Peter Mansbridge was in town as part of a fundraiser for some local charities. My wife has a fairly strong connection to one of those charities, and was asked to photograph the event. I was her +1.

So after skulking around the VIP room for about an hour, holding Kim’s photography gear, somebody grabbed myself and Kim and threw us into a photo with the guest of honour. Since Kim didn’t take the shot herself, it did turn out a little burry, so it might be a pic of us standing with Peter Mansbridge, or maybe the Loch Ness Monster. I’ll post the picture once I’ve got it in my hot little hands. Either way, he was gracious enough to shake my hand and pose with us. And quite a few other people as well.

The rest of the dinner was fabulous. Though I do prefer my beef a little more cooked than that. I heard a distinct “moo” come from my meat the fist time I went for a bite! And the talk Peter gave after dinner was very good. Quite an insight on his career and I am sure quite an inspiration to the students in attendance. All in all, a good night out!