So it was an interesting night out.
I first went to the grand opening of AssentWorks. An interesting collective that was created so entrepreneurs, inventors and hobbyists would have a space to work and have access to rapid-prototyping equipment. CNC routers, mills and 3D printers oh my. Just to name a few of the goodies they have there. In other words, they had some pretty cool toys you can play with for a monthly fee. Definitely a guy place, (and most definitely, NOT a Pierre Lavoie place) though there were a few young ladies walking around who both seemed interested in the tools and knew about how some of the equipment worked (which is more than I could say for myself).
I did have to laugh when I saw the “tool crib” though. It was basically a room totally branded by Princess Auto. Seems they donated a lot of hand tools. Kimmy didn’t know anything about it. Too bad she wasn’t there, I think she would have gotten a kick out of the “blue and gold” room.
So after seeing a few of the projects that have been made there (including a whole car!) I was off to The Secret Handshake (that so far doesn’t seem to actually have a secret handshake – so much for truth in advertising) and hopefully something to eat. But before that, I had some time to kill, so I went to MEC to see what was there to see (and hopeful find a much needed bathroom!) All I really succeeded there was scaring the bejesus out of some woman who hadn’t locked the bathroom door to a co-ed, single stall bathroom. I knew there was a reason I avoided the downtown area…
Anyways, the meeting was held at the Lo Pub. A very cool little place (with mediocre food – more on that later) in a rather rough part of town and sharing space with a youth hostel. Methinks they need a better location. Though being right by the Exchange District, it wouldn’t be so bad in the summer. The meeting started off slowly, most of the creatives there seemed to already know each other, but I eventually found a few other newbies who were all standing around wondering what the heck was going on. And then some of the more regular members took pity on us and helped us mingle. Quite an array of people with different backgrounds. Too bad my wife couldn’t make it – there were quite a few photographers there. And if they keep having meetings on Thursdays, she’ll never be able to go. Except for maybe in the summer. All in all, a good night, even if I feared for my life heading home.
Now for the food. It’s a vegetarian place. Let me say first off, I have no problem with a meatless meal. Chana Masala is one of my favourtiest meals. I had “The Philly”. Maybe not the best choice. Didn’t taste like a Philly cheesesteak, and it sat around for quite a while once eaten. The fries were good, the price very reasonable, and the portions generous. And I understand the vegetarian poutine(??!!!?) was quite good. And the nachos seemed popular. So maybe I didn’t order the best thing on the menu.
So I think the Secret Handshake gets a passing grade. At least for now. Means I’ll be attending future meetings. And anyone who wonders who this Pierre guy is and why he should never be within 1000 ft of a laser cutter, you can see his work here.And I hope he’s now satisfied. 🙂